Carrying Angle

Elbow Joint is a synovial hinge joint which connects upper arm and forearm allowing movement of hand towards and away from the body which is essential for our daily life activities. Excessive carrying angle of the elbow is scientifically know as Cubitus valgus.

In Defence forces firing target is one of the important requirement and due to improper carrying angle of the elbow there may be some difficulties in aiming the target by the individual suffering from abnormality. Individuals with improper carrying angle of elbow faces problem of their hands colliding with their hips making difficult to carry load.

If the angle between the forearm and hand is decreased then it is know as Gunstock Deformity.

Carrying Angle Limits

With your arms held out at sides and palms are facing forward then the angle between your hand and forearm must be within the following limits away from the body.

Male – Not More than 15 degree
Female – Not More than 18 degree


Excessive Carrying Angle of Elbow may be caused due to developmental abnormalities, trauma or adaptive

changes to repetitive stress. Mostly it is caused due to ineffectual alignment/ hypo mobility of the 3 bones (radius, humerus and ulna).


Excessive Carrying angle puts more stress on the elbow structures making it more susceptible to traction injuries. It also causes problem in walking and carrying load.


There are Physical Therapy and Yoga exercises to reduce the carrying angle and Surgery is another option but you must consult your individual case with Doctors at the SSB Medical Board before taking any further step.